Thursday, April 1, 2010

My New Favorite Actor - Neal McDonough

This man deserves big kudos - holding fast to his principals and his faith.  I wonder if we can harvest some of that and inject it into our leaders.  It's unfortunate the headline seems to make fun of the guy, but he gets my respect.

Neal McDonough is a marvelous actor who elevates every role he plays, whether it's in Band of Brothers or Desperate Housewives. So when he was suddenly replaced with David James Elliott 3 days into the filming on ABC's new series Scoundrels earlier this week, there had to be a story behind the story. The move was officially explained as a casting change. But, in fact, McDonough was sacked because of his refusal to do some heated love scenes with babelicious star (and Botox pitchwoman) Virginia Madsen. The reason? He's a family man and a Catholic, and he's always made it clear that he won't do sex scenes.

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