Thursday, April 1, 2010

A View of American Successes From Inside Pakistan - Without MSM Bias

I have to provide mad and linky love to Her Royal Hotness, Great Satan's Girlfriend, for leading me to this article.  Gurl, u ROCK!

Ladies and gentlemen, there are three things to take away from this thoughtful writing from the AIRRA think tank.

*  U.S. military policies in Afghanistan are working (despite our current "O"mander in Chief);
*  Military success is making a stabilized "life as usual" more common in areas such Waziristan.  Military successes - specifically with drones - are appreciated by the indigenous population; and
*  This article outlines what many of us already suspect/know, THE MSM DOES NOT WANT THE UNITED STATES TO SUCCEED, and thusly prefers to report sensationalism and terrorist propaganda - typically unfiltered by morality or a shred of common sense.  As you can read below, MSM sensationalism, not to mention pre-meditated inaccuracy - plays right into the hands of the enemies of our state.

Some greatest hits quotes until you get there to check out the entire article:
"I have been discussing the issue of drone attacks with hundreds of people of Waziristan. They see the US drone attacks as their liberators from the clutches of the terrorists into which, they say, their state has wilfully (sic) thrown them."
"I would challenge both the US and Pakistani media to provide verifiable evidence of civilian ‘casualties’ because of drone attacks on Waziristan, i.e. names of the people killed, names of their villages, dates and locations of the strikes and, above all, the methodology of the information that they collected. If they can’t meet the challenge, I would request them to stop throwing around fabricated figures of ‘civilian casualties’ that confuse people around the world and provide propaganda material to the pro-Taliban and al Qaeda forces in the politics and media of Pakistan."
"The reason why these estimates about civilian ‘casualties’ in the US and Pakistani media are wrong is that after every attack the terrorists cordon off the area and no one, including the local villagers, is allowed to come even near the targeted place. The militants themselves collect the bodies, burry the dead and then issue the statement that all of them were innocent civilians. This has been part of their propaganda to provide excuses to the pro-Taliban and al Qaeda media persons and political forces in Pakistan to generate public sympathies for the terrorists."

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