Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guam Will "Capsize", Fall Into The Ocean! - Hank Johnson

As a Californian, I have spent my life hearing out of staters and other wonks foretell the day when a giant earthquake sends California into the ocean, making Las Vegas and Phoenix beach properties.  So it's with equal disdain and guffaw factor I present to you irrefutable evidence (it comes from Congress, it can't be a lie) that the island of Guam will tip over because too many people live on it.  What makes this doubly amusing is Rep. Hank Johnson -D GA. guy really believes it!  Straight-faced, sincere demeanor.  Pass the Alzheimer's medications for Rep. Johnson, please?

And of course, he voted for ObamaCare too, because of his superior intellect!

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  1. There goes his political career...