Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Fiberals Are Full Of Crap - Part 358 - Dr. Terry Oatts of GA. BIGOT

I want to introduce everyone to Dr. Terry Oatts.  Principal of Woodland Middle School, in Henry County, GA, and bigot first-class.  This guy epitomizes my view that there are more BLACK racists than WHITE racist; and that racism is spawned as much from within the black community in 2010 as outside of it.  It also proved that formal education and rote intelligence do NOT always make familiar bedfellows...

If anyone in the Conservative community is not angered by this, you need to vote Democrat in the next election.

Out of jail and doing community service, Clifford "T.I." Harris made a trip to Woodland Middle School in Henry County on March 5, an unwanted surprise for one family.
Tom Myers was surprised when his daughter came home and told him that T.I. had been the speaker at the assembly on anti bullying. Myers told 11Alive News that had he known T.I. was speaking, he would not have allowed his daughter to attend. So he wrote an e-mail to Woodland's principal, Dr. Terry Oatts.
"The first e-mail I sent to him was to ask that from now on we have some kind of parental input whether or not a speaker is appropriate. If I don't want my child to be there, just give me the right to opt them out," Myers said.
Myers also wrote in the e-mail, "How about next time, let him mow the grass or pick up the trash around the school grounds? If the kids see that they might understand that what he did was wrong."
In e-mails obtained by 11Alive News, Oatts replied in his e-mail, "I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available."
Oatts went on to write in the exchanges with Myers that even the president made mistakes when he was young, and that T.I.'s messages to the students was 'to take their education seriously, put forth their best effort, pursue their dreams and not engage in bullying.'
But the bottom line, to Tom and Candi Myers, is that they didn't want their daughter to be at that assembly. School officials say parents were notified of the assembly but that T.I. was a surprise guest.
Myers admits T.I. encouraged the kids to study and work hard, but he's not convinced.
"T.I.'s an actor and he can sit down and act with the best of them. He's an entertainer. That's what he does," Myers said.

Hey, Dr. Oatts - F*CK YOU!  Get some education, and a real life.  To use that line as dismissal of a convicted felons record in foolish - and shows your true colors.  And for you in Henry County, GA.:  if you do not demand censure of this jerk, you carry the responsibility of what he eventually teaches your kids - Fiberal Lies!

And don't ever post again on this site about anything regarding racism or political bias without recognition that THIS BLACK MAN IS NO LESS PREJUDICED THAN THE LOCAL KLAN MEMBER!  Because, damnit, it's true.

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