Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How will a terrorist leader respond to the details of the Times Square bombing?

Imagine that you are a rag-head hiding in a cave in the Pakistan-Afghan border. You get the news that a rag-head was let into our country, earned a higher degree at our university, then threw away the good life to go back to Pakistan to learn "bomb-making" from terrorists. He then went back into the country, got everything necessary for a bombing in Times Square, and could have pulled it off with just a smidgen of competence.

My reaction would be, "Great! We can do this if we just get some gullible camel-humpers who aren't so incompetent."

But wait, there's more!

After getting away with it and not having to blow himself up, he almost got away. He was under surveillance but the incompetent boobs let him escape. They knew he would probably get on a plane but he got on anyway and almost made it out of the country.

If I was that rag-head terrorist leader, I'd say: "What a relief! It's been getting harder and harder to dupe those gullible rag-heads into believing that crap about the 70 virgins. Now all we have to do is convince them that they can get away with it because Amelica is so incompetent! Allah Akbar! Hey, Ahmed! It's my turn to $crew the goat! Stay away from her!"

Okay, maybe I got into the role playing a little too much. But that's how rag-headed terrorists think.

Put on your flak jackets, ladies and gents. It's about to get more interesting.

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