Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Purple Heart Teddy Post

Teddy wishes everyone a wonderful memorial Day Weekend.  He especially thanks those who have - and continue to - serve our country both here and abroad.

The three most common questions about Teddy:

1.  Yes, the Purple Heart stays on Teddy.  Teddy stays on the bedside table next to "She who MUST be obeyed...".  Teddy gets posted three or four times a year, just to keep him happy.  But mostly to remind others that many have sacrificed much (sometimes all) for the freedoms we enjoy today.
2.  Yes it's my Purple Heart - one of two in fact.  Yes, it's real.  No it's not off eBay.  Yes, it hurt. A lot.
3.  Yes, it's one of many reasons I love my country.  Why I hurt physically and emotionally for her in times when she is being eviscerated by her own children.  Yes, I do hope and pray we will turn the tide.

Teddy recommends you view the following sites to remember those who have served and sacrificed:

Words Fail at Smash Mouth Politics.  Nothing else need be said.
Left Coast Rebel covers Bugles Across America.  Remembering the old-fashioned way - Taps.
The War Planner remembers when a President had real feelings during disaster.  Teddy remembers too.
No Sheeples Here shares 5 stories from Jim Sheeler’s book, Final Salute: A Story Of Unfinished Lives.
Red at Caught Him With A Corndog remembers our fallen In Flanders Field.  
Mind Numbed Robot reminds us that to BHO, fallen in Arlington are less important than McCartney.
Bungalow Bill remembers the history of Memorial Day.  Thanks, Bill!
Although Teddy doesn't care for (P)MS-NBC, these women who volunteer to ensure no soldier is buried alone is great stuff - we'll get over the bias.  Thanks to Joe, contributor at The Other McCain (DA SMART McCain).  A tip of the fedora to Hot Air, as this is where Joe found the link.  I'd much rather you go there - any other time...

Teddy invites other who have Memorial Day specials to email or comment and he will update the list!


  1. Thanks for the robo-link! Always appreciated.

  2. God Bless you, Lipton, for your service and your sacrifice. Tell Teddy to take care of your decorations.

    A tangential question regarding "She who must be obeyed": perchance does this portend an appreciation of John Mortimer's Horace Rumpole? It is my devout wish that this is the case. If so, we have much to speak of.

  3. It is more to Haggard's "She" (cross-referenced as well in Horace Rumple). By happenstance, my version of SHMBO is neither Hilda nor Ayesha, but rather the most singularly stunning and spectacular partner a man could ask for. As such, the reference is used "tongue-in-cheek".

    As with all such relationships, however, there are those particular days....

    And no Sir, place your cynical mind at ease. I say this not solely because Ms. T. Bagg reads my blog.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...


  4. Teddy stays on the bedside table next to "She who MUST be obeyed...".

    And what's Mrs. Belvedere doing in your bedroom?!?

    Linked to at:
    Their Truth Is Marching On: Memorial Day 2010

  5. "...And what's Mrs. Belvedere doing in your bedroom?!?..."

    Bob: I just really don't wanna go there.

    Man-Love for ya,