Sunday, May 30, 2010

SPC Joshua Tomlinson - A Successful Final Mission For A Hero

Thousands of people holding American flags rallied outside First Baptist church in Minden on Saturday to commemorate their local hero Sergeant Joshua Tomlinson and show respect to his family and friends. People gathered along Broadway Street in Minden to show their support for the soldier that was killed serving his country. Tomlinson was laid to rest today after his funeral that took place at 2 PM.   
The radical anti-government group from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas did not show up to the funeral as they had previously intended. Many patriotic people showed up to counter-protest in the event the group had shown presence.
Senator John Fleming also spoke at the funeral.
"It was really good. If you didn't know they guy, you really got to know him now with the slide show they presented at the church" said Randy McCoskey, one of Minden residents that attended the funeral.
Below is a video taken at his memorial.
God Speed Josh! I'll find you at the Final Stand-Down to shake your hand my boy.  But not yet.


  1. Thank you patriots! Updated my original post and linked to you video. Glad to hear Westboro didn't show.

  2. You better believe Westboro didn't show. Better they didn't. Will repost at Corndog. Thanks for the update and the footage.