Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Rule 5: Woman and The Military

In celebration of Memorial Day, I offer my readers a Rule 5 experience which is not only easy on the eyes, but good for the soul!  Some of these women are pictured while serving; others just enjoyable to look at.  Who cannot appreciate the combination of beauty and Patriotism?

And to head off any "feminazi" complaints:  It is not at all sexist to appreciate a woman who goes the extra mile to maintain her femininity while serving is perhaps the most unwomanly environment imaginable - the military.  I know first hand from my years in the military it's a damn tough balance to strike. Kudos to each and every military woman who seeks to embrace her inner supermodel while embracing her assigned weapon.  Thank you ladies who have served, and God bless you all.



  1. "..that's a good rule, that rule #5..Yep, it's the best their is!"

    Hardly apropos here, the dialog between Yossarian and Doc Daneeka, but I am just flabbergasted -- and a little jealous. Didn't see nothin' like that in the BOQ or cockpit when I was in.

    These young guys have it too easy, I'm tellin' ya.

  2. The second one from the top definitely has Mk 84 Low Drags. Ballistics 1,000 feet at 3600 ft altitude(AGL) at 420 knots TAS.

    Mr.G aka thatmrgguy