Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Epitome Of Mindless Racism and Rule 6*: GIlbert Cedillo and the CA Latino Caucus

OK, here is something that should just plain anger people.  Stay with me for a minute or two, perspective is important in this article...

The Orange County (CA) Fair has been held since 1889.  It began in Santa Ana, CA. (the county seat) as a horse race and livestock show.  Later, it was moved to the City of Anaheim, then to its current home in what is now known as Costa Mesa, CA. - on land formerly known as the Santa Ana Army Air Field.  The Orange County Fair is frequented by more than 1 million people every year during its 3 week run. For many urban kids, it's their only chance of the year to see and touch real animals, and enjoy a bit of what life in a more innocent America used to be.

Last year, Gov. Schwarzenegger ordered the state to place the property known known as the Orange County Fairgrounds (which is a state of California property) out for bid to the highest bidder - due to the state's $19+ Billion (yes, with a "B") deficit.  Estimated price of the fairgrounds (in premium location near Newport Beach) was to be around $96 million. Highest bidder (a mall development company) offered around $56 million, which was eventually rejected by "The Governator".

The city of Costa Mesa stepped in with a private business partner and offered the state $93 million for the property - so the county fair could remain at its longtime home. This done in a way which shielded the residents of Costa Mesa from any additional taxes to operate the Fairgrounds. "The Governator" was pleased with the offer, and the ability to continue use as a fairgrounds was icing on the cake.  He gave the plan his blessing, and put the wheels in motion.  All that was needed was a 2/3 vote by the state Legislature and the deal was done.  Should be easy since competent management was ensured, and the attraction loved by more than 1 million people annually would remain intact.

This is where it gets interesting...

Enter state Senator Gilbert Cedillo and the California Latino Congressional Caucus, 25 members strong.

As you might remember, we recently wrote in support of the city of Costa Mesa, CA. who recently passed a measure (by unanimous vote) to declare themselves a rule of law city and stating support for Arizona and SB1070.  In sharp contrast to San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, who are all either practicing or planning to practice boycotts against Arizona.

Senator Cedillo and the California Latino Congressional Caucus stated today they are arranging to allow Costa Mesa and its business partner approval to purchase the fairgrounds, which would instead force the property back out to bid to anyone, such as  housing or commercial developers, for parking lots or whatever  the new owners wanted.  And in the process, they'd kill the county fair.

Cedillo, who is being termed out of office this year by California's mandatory term limits, has stated that as long as Costa Mesa remains a "Rule of Law City", he will focus the Congressional Latino Caucus to prevent approval.  All because a city government voted to do the right thing. You can see the entire article via the Orange County Register website.

La Raza loving Azzhole.  They would selfishly deny millions the privilege of this wonderful family experience because of their race-baiting, bigoted beliefs.  No more kids petting zoos, family rides, cotton candy or surprisingly good concerts because one smart city government refuses to let criminals have safe harbor within their borders.  Because the city chooses to deter increased crime, city blight and loss of civic pride.

People, this is what Conservatives are up against - bitter, nonsensical people who will do anything in their power to wage war on the common man if their will is not heeded.  This is the Liberal way. These people must be stopped.

I implore all of you in California or other western states to fight moves like this tooth and nail.  Tomorrow, I will introduce you to a true grass roots group here in Orange County who are doing this - successfully - in their own backyard. These people have fought a terrific fight within their community and are scoring great victories.  They will share some of their stories - both successes and lessons learned - with us. Stay tuned, their story is worth reading; and I'm proud to have the honor of writing it.

In the meantime, PLEASE call California congressional offices - and make sure they know we the people will not be bullied by racist JackHoles like Gilbert Cedillo.  It's time to take out government back from Liberals who support the LaRaza theory that Mexico shall take California back as its own. Punching the California Latino Congressional Caucus in the face - politically speaking - is as good a place as any to start.

* Rule 6 - The newly added Rule 6, an addition to the original "How To Get A Million Hits On Your Blog In Less Than A Year" guideline by Stacy McCain.  Rule 6 states:  "Don't Be A Complete Douchebag".  In my estimation, Gilbert Cedillo is as much a douchebag as the original inspiration for the rule, and as much a douchebag as this.

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  1. Very interesting article, I look forward to more stories tomorrow!