Friday, May 7, 2010

TGIF - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition

I'm considering doing one of these as a weekly feature and service to the two or three regular readers I have.  Like it?  Please toss me a comment!  Hate it?  Toss me a comment!


Item 1 - Newsweek Purchased By Publisher of BDSM Periodical Bondage Weekly!
Quote:  "I wanted to put Obama on the cover (wearing a ball gag), but the publisher said I had to use soy beans. That's journalism for you." - BW Publisher Sid Shakelford

Wow!  Talk about the ties that bind!  h/t Little Miss Attila for the thread, err rope, err cuffs.....

Item 2 - FDA Blames New York Bombing on High Salt Levels!
Quote: An official with the Food and Drug Administration blamed high levels of sodium for Faisel Shahzad's attempted car bombing in Times Square. "We know salt-heavy diets threaten millions of Americans," said FDA spokesman Walt Meter. "Thus its entirely possible Shahzad, crazed by thirst from excessive salt, planted his bomb in a sodium-frenzy." Meter dismissed reports questioning sodium-intake health risks as "fiction put out by Big Salt." Meter felt blaming Shahzad's actions on Islamic jihad was "simplistic and fodder for racists," instead focusing on the need for the FDA to regulate the 600 billion dollar food and beverage market.

Yes, it's sarcasm - but finely written sarcasm!  See the entire article at Interesting News Items.

Item 3 - Bob Belvedere Establishes Outreach (!) For Suffers of dreaded Gigantomastia!
Quote: Gigantomastia [proper clinical name: Brazen Involuntary Ginormous Gigantomastian Unitary Nipplemastia Syndrome, or BIGGUNS] is not a condition to be ashamed of.  Those who have the condition are no different than the average woman, except that they’re much more fun to have at a wet tee-shirt contest.  Part of mission at the Gigantomastia Society is to encourage women with this syndrome not to give in to societal pressures that stigmatize humongous breasts as indicating Bimboism.  We show these ladies the truth: that this characterization was developed and promoted by jealous and resentful flat-chested women who can’t get their who-whos serviced.

It seems Bob has this dreaded condition well in hand!  Read more and offer your help at Camp Of The Saints.

Item 4:  Rahm Emmanuel - History of anger management and staff abuse issues (go figure!)
Quotes:  Regarding The First Pooch Bo:  “I’m going to kill that f***ing dog,” Then yelling to a male staffer: “Take your f***ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say.”

Well, at least he didn't pull an Eric Massa and tickle em to death.  Oh wait, wasn't their something about Rahm and Eric together in a shower????  And don't miss Barney Frank's menopause-fueled tirade!  See Ed Driscoll for the entire disgusting story.

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  1. I like the feature [despite the fact that you seem to think I'm joking].

    Robert ‘Bob’ Belvedere,
    President, Founder, and Chief Investigator
    Gigantomastia Society
    Dave’s Adult Pornorama
    Behind The Green Door
    Murray, Pennsylvania, 82827