Thursday, May 6, 2010

TGIF/Rule 5/National Offend A Feminist/Women's Glib Edition

In the spirit of "National Offend A Feminist" Week, I thought I would quote some relevant passages from one of my favorite sources of inspiration for the past 25 years - The Book Of Big Dog.  Using some of my favorite quotes, I hope to illustrate that Feminists have a rather skewed view of men and their relationships with women.

Despite what Feminists might say, men are actually quite knowledgeable about the female of our species:

Men often view women as a guide to gauge their life achievements:

Men view women as an important comparative measure of what's important in life:

Men have a distinct, and under-appreciated grasp of the depth of a woman's intellect:

And despite propaganda to the contrary, men always have realistic expectations of what a woman should and should not be:

So I hope that I have been able to clear up some of the Feminists misconceptions about men, and where men still believe women should fit into their lives.

Men never cheapen a woman's proper place in life:

And above all, men value a woman's opinion above all others:


  1. I'm glad I read the perfect attitude for the perfect woman while my wife was asleep. I did not laugh. I was not here. I saw nothing.

  2. I hope this makes up for my negligence...

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    Offend A Feminist: Love Honor And Obey