Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to The Obama News Net!

...where the news is all "O"!  All the time!

Personally, I'd like to offer the acronym BONA (Barry's Own News Agency). Apparently, having the MSM march lockstep to his every whim and desire was not enough for our Narcissist-In-Chief. So in a brilliant move not seen since Mao Tse-Tung, the WH deftly removes any concern over the MSM's "proper perspective" of Administration policy.  BONA will now do the spinning for you!

"Baghdad Bob" Gibbs and Mr. Obama can now simply dictate the content of the news out of the White House, in essence becoming its own independent (read: state-controlled) news outlet. BONA can now take its rightful place amongst other champions of free expression such as TASS, XINHUA, Korea Central News Agency and ISNA.

And although I truly want to wax sarcastic about this development, this is real news.  And presents another dangerous step toward real Socialism by the Obama Regime.

Without going into unnecessary dramatics, in the last 17 months the Obama Administration has applied (or attempting to apply) government control to:

* Banking and Financial Institutions
* Education and student loans
* Healthcare availability
* Automotive industry, and by proxy, the parts and services within this vertical
* Transportation - wheeled, rail and air traffic plus climate "sciences"
* Public Information and free expression

Ladies and gentlemen, does this not feel a bit uncomfortable to anyone but me?

Add to this the nomination Elena Kagan, who in The University of Chicago Law Review published her belief in "redistribution of speech" and we have a genuine attempt to flank the media. This guy really wants to control the written and spoken word about what he does, when he does and and who he's doing it to.

By using Gibbs and the WHs other "protocol droids", to create an independent, Administration-operated news outlet, Mr. Obama is launching a pre-emptive strike to diminish the freedom of the press. With this action, the White House is beginning an offensive designed to choke the life out of news outlets it deems unfriendly - such as Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart, and of course, the Blogosphere."

In this fashion, Mr. Obama can indeed become more "The Master Of My Universe". Obama's dangerous, and becoming more so by the day.  November cannot come soon enough.


  1. They have to be stopped.

    How soon, I wonder, before, feeling itself more powerful, will the Administration begin to do the same to the friendly outlets? Are you listening MSM? Fox News, Breitbart, et. al. are just the first.

    Oh, and let us not forget the Anti-President’s efforts to gain power and control over the Internet. They may come for the Rightosphere first, Arianna and Colmes, but you’re next.

    ‘Sinister’ is the word.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Let The Word Go Forth
    It's Time To ROC 'N' ROLL:
    Restore Our Constitution & Restore Our Lost Liberties


  2. I have stated this across the internet and I will state it here. Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama has absolutely no intention of ever vacating the office of the US presidency. He has no intention whatsoever of vacating that office.