Monday, June 14, 2010

5.7 Earthquake Hits Southern California

It was felt pretty well in the Los Angeles/Orange county area.  We were in the car and it shook traffic lights and felt like someone had climbed on the car.  News reports say the San Diego Padres/Toronto Blue Jay game in San Diego was halted briefly as the quake hit.

In related stories, Jerry Brown has issued a statement saying Republican hated of climate science directly contributed to the quake.  Sen. Barbara Boxer was asked to move to a safe location, but refused because the security personnel referred to her as "ma'am" - she apparently was not sitting in Madame Pelosi's $18,000/mo office space (of course no -one in that office can feel anything anyhow). The Obama regime has reportedly accused BP of causing the quake; the oil leak allegedly caused a change in teutonic plate pressure, triggering the earthquake.  Alvin Greene reportedly was asked about the earthquake, responding "what's that?"

And Rep. Bob Ethridge is still as JackHole....

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