Monday, June 14, 2010

The Obama Effect Continues - Germany's Government on Brink Of Collapse

Angela, Angela, Angela! WTF were you thinking?

When America's "Colon-in Chief" talked you into pawning your Germanys credit rating so he could appear more "Presidential", why in Heaven's name did you not tell him to STFU and stick to ruining his own country?  She now has most of Europe (but Sarkozy doesn't count, because the French suck) angry with her, and her own popularity has dipped to all-time lows rivaling, well, Obama!
...much of the mistrust and anger is being directed at Merkel herself. This week's Spiegel magazine called her the “Trummerfrau”, a reference to German women who cleared away the rubble after second world war bombings. It painted a picture of a woman presiding over a government in ruins and used its title page to request the government in one word to "Aufhören!", or stop.

I commented when this happened that Merkel's government would collapse if she rode with Obama on this one, and sure enough it appears to be coming to pass.  Let this be a lesson to the world leaders:  Obama doesn't know what he's doing, and he doesn't care about your countries.  He's a narcissist of the first order and will watch you burn after he gets what he needs.  

German chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right coalition government looked to be close to collapse today, weakened by a string of disagreements and intense infighting over austerity cuts, policy reform and the departure of senior conservatives.
Less than eight months after it took office, the government was given only a narrow chance of running to a full term by the majority of Germans, 53% of whom said in a poll they expected it to fall.
Criticized at home and abroad for mishandling the euro crisis, Merkel's latest political headache is the four-year ($94 billion - LTB) austerity package passed last week in an attempt to reduce Germany's deficit. Many of Merkel's own CDU MPs (Christian Democratic Party - LTB) fear a voter backlash after growing criticism that the cuts are socially imbalanced. Almost 80% believe the cuts to be socially unfair, while 67% want an increase in the top rate of tax, which Merkel has strongly resisted. Public anger at the package spilled over at the weekend when thousands of demonstrators took to the streets. 
For further evidence of the "Obama Effect", one needs look no farther than the lamentations of Germany’s (typically right-of-center) press to exemplify how the parallel failure of both leaders is similarly referred to in like terms:  Descriptions using excremental reference:
The chaos has led commentators to refer to Merkel's administration as a "constipated institution". Writing in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, commentator Daniel Brössler said:
“Governments need to be steered, but the Merkel cabinet is no longer steering. It resembles a car where the only thing that's working is the brakes."
Further proof that Obama is in far above his pay grade, and unless other governments decide to ignore HIS wants and direct attention to their country's NEEDS this will not be the last failure in which Obama will have been a co-conspirator.

Is it November yet?


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