Monday, June 14, 2010

U.S. Army Turns 235 Today

Today is the Army’s birthday. The service marks the 235th year since the 2nd Continental Congress adopted the American Continental Army, and as the service celebrates its birthday, senior leaders took the time to recognize soldiers and families for their sacrifice.
The Army’s people are what make it the finest army in the world, said Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey.
“As you proudly continue our centuries-old tradition of dedicated service to keep our nation free and strong, take time to reflect on what our Army has done to make our nation what it is today, the greatest nation on earth,” Casey said.
Army Secretary John McHugh also thanked soldiers, civilians and families for their service.
“For more than two centuries as we have adapted to meet ever-changing demands in an uncertain world, the vigilant and steadfast guardian of liberty at home and abroad has been the American soldier,” he said.
On May 17, (Mister) Obama released a statement praising soldiers and their families for understanding the sacrifices that must be made to defend the nation.
“Army service members exemplify the highest ideals of our nation and the unparalleled excellence of the United States Armed Forces,” he said. “… As members of the greatest military force in history, you understand the blessing we cherish as Americans are not to be taken for granted.
“Your resolve in the defense of our nation and loyalty to your fellow soldiers represent the best of America.”
Happy birthday, U.S. Army.

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