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Good thing we know all illegal aliens love the United States and would never do anything to endanger the country's security, right?  FMTs, or Foreign Military Trainees are being coaxed (and coached) to go AWOL (AWOL = Absent With Out Leave) from Language training at a U.S. Air Force base in Texas by "Big Mexican Women" (BMWs), many of whom are themselves (allegedly) illegal.  I wonder if BMWs are advertising on a pizza box like "Big Sis"?

In the past eight years, it has been reported no fewer than 46 members of the Afghan military have gone absent without leave from DLI.  Most of these have "washed out" of training and are being sent home as academic failures. Since most FMTs, Afgans included, are not allowed much petty cash or personal transportation many of them depend on these ample undocumented backsides to pick them up at Lackland's back gate in the middle of the night and help them vanish.
BMWs refer to "Big Mexican Women", a loosely-networked group of Hispanic women, some of whom may be illegal immigrants, which have been responsible for helping numerous Afghan military deserters go AWOL from an Air Force Base in Texas. Lackland AFB is just south the San Antonio, TX. (Pic is not known to reflect actual BMWs, but it might...)

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Many of the Afghans, with the women's assistance, have made their way to Canada; the whereabouts of others remain unknown. Some of the men have been schooled by the women in how to move around the U.S. without any documentation.
For these Afghan deserters (and presumably other country's FMTs we've not heard about yet), BMWs are often the first step in the their journey from failed military training to Canada, or perhaps across to Mexico. The trainees who flunk out are likely attempting to avoid humiliation and ostracization for their failures once they return home.
Side note: Says a lot for the character of these losers, doesn't it?  Willing to kill us "Infidels" for a shot at eternal existance among imaginary virgins, but won't face academic failure in the face. 
Fox News reports the Afghan military men usually meet the women at three nightclubs in San Antonio.  According to the DLI source, these nightclubs include two military hangouts — Tiffany’s Cocktails and Mirage, located outside Lackland's main gate — and Graham Central Station, a massive warehouse-like building in downtown San Antonio that houses "six nightclubs under one roof" that host a variety of theme nights (like Midnight At The Oasis?  Let's play Sheepherder In The Moonlight?  How about Three Wise Men - and one BMW?  The ideas just don't stop flowing!). 
Photos on Graham Central's website show scantily clad women rolling around in what appears to be Jell-O. Didn't find that one, but otherwise seems like a typical bar in a military town...
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Although their website did have pictures of Drowning Pool performing so have to give them some credit...
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The women who help the deserters are like groupies, sources told FoxNews.com. Many are single and older than the Afghans, who tend to be in their early 20s. If an Afghan needs a ride, they’ll pick him up. If they're needed to run errands — or to take them away from the base in the middle of the night — they will be there at a moment’s notice, the sources said.
Side note:  So they are BMCWs!  Big Mexican COUGAR Women!  That makes SOOOOO much more sense!
But the women do more than drive the "getaway cars"; sources said they also provide the deserters with crucial advice and encouragement, apparently drawn from their own personal experiences.  The women, they said, have told some of the men that it's possible to live in the U.S. illegally.
“These guys, they want a better life, but they’re scared to run away without their passports or identification, they’re scared they’ll get caught," a source who has assisted in the multiagency investigation said.
"These BMWs say, 'It’s OK.' Then poof, they're gone."
The official said most of the students were too afraid of life on the run to ever consider going AWOL — until they met the women, who assured them that many people live illegally in the U.S. and in Canada without getting caught or deported. 
In a related story, VP Joe "Cholo" Biden blames the BMWs on failed policies of the Bush Administration. Biden was quoted "...If Bush had taken care of these women instead of going home to his wife, this would never had become the national security issue it is today..." (/sarc - but I'd believe it!)
And finally, you all know what the "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" means.
Story via Fox News.  Nausea provided by, well, just so many things....

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  1. "So they are BMCWs! Big Mexican COUGAR Women! "
    Hilarious, LTB.
    As if our good USA loving guys don't have enough to content with, when they go out side the bases for R & R, they have to be subjected to these hags, urgh.