Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: "I was A Racist 24 Years Ago, But I'm All Better Now"

Am I the only one thinks that Shirley Sherrod sounds like the late Sen. Robert Byrd's "political love child"?

The Department of Agriculture official who resigned Monday night over comments she made at an NAACP dinner in March is claiming that the video clip that caused the firestorm excluded critical context. 
Shirley Sherrod said the Obama administration got scared after the YouTube clip surfaced. In the video, the department's ex-Georgia director of Rural Development is shown telling the story about how she withheld help to a white farmer in trouble.
But Sherrod, in an interview overnight with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said she was telling a story about events that happened 24 years when she was working for a local non-profit group. 
She said the whole video would reveal that she eventually came to work closely with the white farmer and that she was trying to impart a lesson about how important it is to get "beyond the issue of race."
I admit to being more cynical than the average person, but this just sounds like BS to me. I watched the video, and she was clearly telling a story portraying how she had a chance to "stick it to Whitey." Which, oh by the way, sounds a lot like our current "post-racial President."

Shirley, I don't care if it was 20 years, or 20 days ago. If you withheld the powers of your position based upon someone's race, you earned the termination and public humiliation. Sorry, Liberal rhetoric not spoken here.

UPDATE:  Tim at Left Coast Rebel also covers this and includes a great quote from Shirley:
"Fox News and the Tea Parties are scaring the Obama administration."
Tim continues: "By Fox, she clearly emphasized Glenn Beck per her superior. And by the reference to Tea parties - I stand proud and accept the honor. We are doing the Lord's work, saving the nation from a neo-Bolshevik regime and per today's Journolist revelation - doing the work that the press simply won't."

"The sunlight of truth is 'scary,' no?"

Spot-on Tim!

Watch the video yourself and make your own judgement.  We report (Liberal BS), you decide...

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