Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Southern T. Bagg Is Born

I write you today as I pass through Atlanta on my way to Florida.  Flight was uneventful except we skirted the back end of a huge storm which had some of the most spectacular cloud formations I've ever seen.

Unfortunately the pictures just don't do them justice.

I will be pulling into Florida in a couple hours and will try to get a quick hit in before I call it an evening.

Two more items:  First, thank you to all of you who continue to stop by recently, in spite of my sparse posting.  Your readership is truly valuable to me, my friends.  Secondly, would you who are inclined to do so please remember Ms. T. Bagg in your prayers?  She's a remarkable woman, I love her dearly and our separation will be difficult for her - she's rather gotten used to having me around.  I know it's a personal thing I ask, but my faith in God and prayer is great - I've never known anyone to say s/he received too many prayers on their behalf. 

Thank you all, and until we speak again...



  1. Lip,

    The pictures are spectacular!

    Do us proud down there and send back a lot of dispatches from the front.

    We will miss you here at Silky's but I'll keep the Islay warm..

    ..or cold, whatever.


  2. As a Southerner myself, I welcome you to the land of graciousness and beauty, a slower pace to life and the beauty of a region of the country that is my heart.

    Welcome sir. Welcome, welcome.

  3. Welcome to the South. Looking at the map...if you're in Pensacola, you're a long way from where I'm going to be at between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We take care of 70 stores in S. Fla from Venice down to Naples on the west coast and from Titusville down to Key West on the east coast as well as one store in the middle, Okeechobee.

    Prayers are with you and Mrs. LTB

    Regards, Mike

  4. I remember skirting storms this time of year from California to Georgia. It was forty years ago in a turbo-prop. The lightning was very intense to say the least.

  5. California edged a little further leftward with your abdication. Strength and warm thoughts to you and Mrs. Bagg.