Monday, August 2, 2010

What IF Crist beats Rubio?

Will that "prove" that a great conservative candidate cannot beat a Republican "moderate"? After all, if a "conservative" Republican can't win an election in this current environment, when can he ever win an election? To you hand-wringers and RINOs and Country Club Republicans everywhere, and you good conservatives who are nervous about the polls, I have this to say: chill the hell out.

First, so what if Crist wins? That means Floridians are collectively stupididider than I first thought. Voters deserve what they elect. If they want a politician whose views are so malleable that they call themselves a Republican, then switch to an "independent" and/or finally switch to being a Democrat (Arlin Spincter), let them have that God-damned elected official.

Do we really want somebody like that on our side? Charley Crist is shamelessly switching positions on the issues faster than Obama breaks campaign promises. You cannot know in advance how some putz like that will vote because his word means nothing. He will vote in accordance to how the wind happens to be blowing on each particular day. Having an elected official like that is more akin to being ruled by a despot than by a representative form of democracy. Your vote does not matter because you do not know what you are getting in advance. He may support the views that he campaigns on, or he might switch once elected and support the diametrically opposed views. Y0u cast your votes and you takes your chances.

Politics is not just about governing. Democrats will do anything to get elected, to get other Democrats elected, and then they say and do whatever they want. If this country is so damn ignorant that they want that kind of government, that is what they deserve. Inner cities all over America, and many liberal states (Mass, Cali, Oregon, etc.) do just that. We can't stop them. We don't want to stop them by electing people like Crist who will be just like them once in office, just so long as they have an (R) after their name.

All that said, the latest numbers that I've seen show Rubio ahead by 5% among likely voters. We conservatives are going to be mightily motivated come November. Keep the faith. Florida hopefully just gained one more conservative vote if Lipton gets off his duff and registers to vote down there. ;)

John Doe


  1. Lip writes: "..the latest numbers that I've seen show Rubio ahead by 5% among likely voters."

    Serious questions: are you now working for Rubio's campaign and are those inside polling numbers?

    Just wink if the answer is "yes".


  2. Check your fire. CHECK your fire. This post was written by John Doe, aka HardRightRudder. I'm filling in for The Master while he slacks off, er I mean is on Special Assignment in Floridia.

    But ;) ;) I HOPE he is working on the Rubio campaign...